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Asbestos Abatement and Hazardous Material Remediation

Extensive safety measures must be taken to ensure safe asbestos removal, especially when abatement is needed. The management team of IDR is experienced in asbestos removal and has completed thousands of projects in commercial, government, industrial, and residential settings. Our highly trained and experienced supervisors and personnel understand the importance of asbestos removal from any building demolition or renovation project, and it can be assured that the work is safely and efficiently performed.

Asbestos fiber is a dangerous substance that was used in construction and industrial applications, for the renovation of many buildings during the period of 1940's to 1970's. Asbestos fibers contain harmful contaminants that can damage lungs and create long term health hazards, including the risk of certain cancers. It is believed that even low levels of exposure can be extremely harmful over a long period of time.

Common Items That May Contain Asbestos
Pipe insulation, boiler insulation, boiler and pipe gaskets, duct insulation, vibration collars, fire proofing on building steel or concrete, fire doors, old floor tiles, old linoleum, floor covering glue, and mastic. Other common items that may contain asbestos are various types of roofing materials, water-proofing, siding shingles, siding panels, transit pipe, window and door caulking, window glazing, textured paints, arch shield in light fixtures, and other electrical components.

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IDR offers the following Asbestos Abatement services :