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Asset Recovery

One of the specifications of the demolition services provided by IDR is asset recovery. Integrated Demolition and Remediation Inc. offers clients the opportunity to recover maximum value of their industrial assets as part of the plant dismantling or decommissioning process. Our asset recovery team can help your organization maximize the value of surplus equipment, machineries, supplies, obsolete or discontinued materials, by-products, and buildings.

Asset recovery involves identification, removal, and selling of various types of valuable materials in a demolition project. Every building has its own hidden valuable resources. For instance, support timbers may be sold to wood restoration specialists. Plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, industrial equipment, and even roofing materials may also be reused along with other building parts.

Demolition asset recovery has three main stages: idle asset identification (catalog the assets), resale for use (using working assets for other uses) and salvage (selling the materials which are not usable on the site).

Some examples of industrial assets that may be sold during asset recovery:

IDR's asset recovery program include the following :