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PCB Abatement

PCB Cleanup and Removal Services

Integrated Demolition and Remediation Inc. provides a cross - trained workforce capable of PCB cleanup, removal, and disposal services. We handle both small and large scale PCB projects, and work with utility transformers, capacitors, circuit breakers, rectifiers, switches, light ballasts, diffusion pumps, compressors, X-ray units, caulking, and other assorted liquids and solids. IDR can provide full scope of services to support all kinds of PCB removal and disposal services that entail demolition and remediation projects of industrial or commercial facilities.

Our highly trained staff consists of technically-trained PCB remediation, removal, and disposal professionals in of California. Given any circumstance, IDR confirms our partners a dependable job while ensuring removal and disposal of materials that contain PCBs. Products we work with include the following: