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Safety always comes first to our IDR team; worker safety and compliance with regulations are of paramount importance to us. We have daily safety updates, mandatory safety meetings on a weekly basis, and a team of dedicated and highly qualified full-time health and safety directors. We provide comprehensive as well as ongoing OSHA safety trainings to all of our field personnel and management.

We embrace a highly proactive, integrated approach to safety and quality programs. In addition, to compliance with regulations that require trainings and standards, IDR has been successfully implementing company specific programs in all operations and across different departments. In a concerted effort to promote safety awareness, employee well-being, and the safest possible on-site work practices, our site-specific safety program normally exceeds the regulatory requirements.

Site -specific safety programs are adapted by IDR’s team depending on the complexity of the project and presence of hazards at various job sites.


Irrespective of the challenges presented at various job sites, the team of Integrated Demolition and Remediation Inc. never compromises on Safety. Safety of our employees is of utmost importance and we make sure to deliver the best under the safest environment.